Dermatology Services

Medical dermatology treatments and services

Most people in western Oregon experience skin problems at some point in their lives. Our offices specialize in promoting skin health and providing quality treatment for a variety of issues. Suspicious moles that may be precancerous can be monitored. Unsightly skin growths are checked and removed. We provide an extensive range of anti-aging treatments, making us one of the most successful and widely recognized dermatology centers in the region.

  • Medical Services
    Medical Dermatology

    Our dermatology staff can diagnose and treat a wide variety of medical skin conditions for people of all ages.

  • Medical Services
    Skin Cancer Treatment

    Our team consists of two highly specialized dermatologists trained in the detection and removal of skin cancers.

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  • Medical Services
    Cosmetic Procedures

    Our practices also offer cosmetic procedures including dermal fillers, cosmetic peels, sclerotherapy and more.


Our staff offers first-class medical dermatology care to patients of all ages. We provide skin cancer treatment using state-of-the-art equipment. Our cosmetic procedures are second to none. Our professional expertise equips us to treat immediate concerns and also educate patients about skin health and aesthetic enhancements to help them live well and look their best.

Patients appreciate our office's supportive atmosphere that gives each person special attention and care. From head to foot, we can assist with health and cosmetic concerns.